2019-21 Directors-nominee announced

On 4 December, RI President Ian H.S. Riseley declared the following candidates for the 2019-21 Board of Directors. The announcement came one day after the due date for receiving proposals for additional candidates, in accordance with the Rotary International Bylaws.

The directors-nominee, who will be elected at the 2018 Rotary International Convention in Toronto, are:

Zone: 13A

Director-nominee: Jan Lucas Ket

Rotary club: Purmerend, Netherlands

Zone: 22A

Director-nominee: Mário Cesar de Camargo

Rotary club: Santo André, S.P., Brazil

Zone: 26

Director-nominee: Johrita Solari

Rotary club: Anaheim, California, USA

Zone: 29

Director-nominee: Stephanie A. Urchick

Rotary club: Canonsburg Houston Southpointe, Pennsylvania, USA

Zone: 30

Director-nominee: Floyd A. Lancia

Rotary club: Anthony Wayne (Fort Wayne), Indiana, USA

The general secretary received challenges to the nominating committee’s selections in Zones 4 and 6A (both in India) and 10A (Korea). An electronic ballot is being prepared for clubs in these zones to select their candidate. The ballot will be ready by 22 December and will run, per RI Bylaws, until 1 March.

The name of the director-nominee from RIBI will be announced at a later date.