Rotaract clubs

Rotaract brings together adults ages 18-30 to take action in their communities, develop their leadership and professional skills, and have fun. Rotary clubs sponsor them, but Rotaract members manage and fund their clubs independently.

As you connect with other young leaders in Rotaract, you can take advantage of all that Rotary has to offer, including:

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International connections

From attending international events to joining a Rotarian Action Group, you’ll discover a variety of ways to connect globally through Rotaract.


Celebrate your club’s commitment to creating positive change by getting involved in:

You can learn more about these events in the Rotaract Handbook

Follow Rotaract on Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, and Storify for updates on these events and to find inspiration and ideas for getting involved.

Twin clubs

Connect with a Rotaract club in another country by developing a twin club relationship. Not only will it expand your knowledge of another country and its cultures, you’ll also increase your club’s global impact.

Find potential twin club candidates by referring to the Worldwide Rotaract Directory, available to Rotaract club presidents and district leaders through the . Clubs interested in a twin club relationship are marked with a letter P.

Rotarian Action Groups

Connect with Rotaract and Rotary members and their families who are experts in a particular field by joining a Rotarian Action Group. Group members share their expertise by collaborating with clubs and districts on service projects.

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Rotary Fellowships

Interested in scuba diving or marathon running? Want to use your skills as a doctor or environmentalist to make a difference? Share your hobby or vocation with fellow club members, their spouses, and Rotary members. Some Rotary Fellowships are purely social, and others use their common interests and skills to carry out service projects.

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District connections  

Your district offers a variety of ways to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in your area. You can also contact Rotaract clubs outside your district using the Worldwide Rotaract Directory. Your club or district Rotaract leaders can access the directory through the .

District Rotaract representatives

District Rotaract representatives are Rotaract members who have been elected by clubs in their district to help promote and share information about Rotaract with their members. District governors may appoint a Rotary member to serve as a district Rotaract chair. Together, the district Rotaract representative and chair serve as co-chairs for the district Rotaract committee, which comprises Rotaract and Rotary members.

Email Rotary staff for information about your district Rotaract chair or representative.

Multidistrict information organizations

Rotaract multidistrict information organizations help connect Rotaract clubs across several Rotary districts. Working within a country or region, these organizations bring members together to exchange ideas, share information, and meet other young leaders.

Contact your district Rotaract representative for more information.




Rotary support

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