Presidential peacebuilding conferences

RI President Ian H.S. Riseley will host six presidential peacebuilding conferences in 2018 to explore the connection between peace and Rotary’s five other areas of focus plus environmental sustainability. By focusing on the areas where Rotary does its most significant work, the series seeks to:

  • Elevate Rotary’s status as a global leader in each area of focus
  • Demonstrate The Rotary Foundation’s impact on our causes
  • Educate and inspire participants to increase their Rotary service
  • Provide an opportunity for members and nonmembers to explore project partnerships

Conference schedule

Members and nonmembers are invited to attend. Learn more about each event and register online at the following links:

10 February – Environmental Sustainability and Peace, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

17 February – Water and Sanitation and Peace, Beirut, Lebanon

24 February – Disease Prevention and Treatment and Peace, Coventry, England, United Kingdom

17 March – Economic and Community Development and Peace, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

28 April – Maternal and Child Health and Peace, Taranto, Italy

2 June – Basic Education and Literacy and Peace, Chicago, Illinois, USA