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December 2017

On the trail of history
Pediatrician raises next generation
People eradicating polio
Partnership takes on cervical cancer in Senegal
Q&A with Alicia Michael
Club innovation: Friendly competition builds club spirit and membership
Profile: Stella Dongo; Rotary Club of Highlands, Zimbabwe
Dispatches: Former golf course tees up fresh produce
Convention: Dining out
Culture: Grieving daughter finds solace

November 2017

Italy's disappearing villages
The future of buildings
Q&A with Lusiné Mehrabyan
On the tracks of the beast
Clubs reach across Atlantic to help girl
Profile: Jamil Mouawad brings water to schools
Convention: Don't miss Toronto's neighborhoods
Dispatches: Rotarian climbs Everest
Club innovation: Honeymoon groups
'Kayaking grandma' set out on an epic paddle to help children in Guatemala

October 2017

Our goal: A world without polio
Q&A with Matthew Desmond
A place to call home
Profile: Jennifer Boyd's summit meeting
Convention: Museums
Literacy project brings hope to B.C. communities
Club innovation: A young club shows the drive to thrive
Clubs: The fun in fundraising

September 2017

Toronto: The capital of nice
The age of invention
Leap of faith
Profile: A teacher's lesson spans the years
Club innovation: Hybrid club offers online options
Dispatches: Rotary members find good deeds in good reads
Interview: 21st-century doctor
Culture: Meeting like this
Clubs: Theory of elocution
Help launch our new global ad campaign

August 2017

My journey into Rotary
Family tradition
It takes a community
Convention: Games people play
Club innovation: Choose your membership level
Dispatches: Destigmatizing dementia in a small Scottish town
Member interview: Building peace at every level
Loans help Alberta town recover from devastating flood
Culture: Your unconscious can yield unexpected powers

July 2017

Ian Riseley: The social networker
Rising star
Can capitalism save the world?
Profile: Meal project generates $7 million for polio
Convention: See you next year in Toronto
Dispatches: Rotaractors and Habitat for Humanity build community
A student exchange opens the world of possibilities
Culture: The gathering strum
Technology: Mesmerizing passwords

June 2017

Steve McCurry brings the world into focus
Focus on our contest winners
Critical care
Profile: Lessons for a new life
Convention: Atlanta, 1917
Dispatches: Milk powder for orphaned elephants
Q&A: Youth exchange alumnus works for peace
Culture: Talking to yourself, and other strategies for developing wisdom
2016-17 RI President John Germ looks back on a productive year

May 2017

Your gift from start to finish
The Rotarian Conversation with Jonathan Patz
Notable grants
How to take your club online
Convention: Must-have apps
Education breaks the cycle of slavery
Language: Courage is challenging your views
How Rotary is stopping polio in Nigeria

April 2017

Drawing connections
Q&A: The Rotarian Conversation with Steven Radelet
Driven to serve
Member spotlight: Pedaling to end polio
Convention: Field trips
Remote technology brings improved medicine to Nigeria
Language: Long story short
Culture: How to bring out the power of your personal story

March 2017

Watershed moment
Q&A: The Rotarian Conversation with RI President-elect Ian H.S. Riseley
Rare birds / Birds of a feather
Member spotlight: A virtuous cycle
Interview: Where business and environmentalism meet
Convention: Southern escapes
Dispatches: Feed the world
Culture: At arm's length

February 2017

Education on the front lines
Keeping the peace
The Rotarian Conversation with Gary Haugen
Member spotlight: Reading is fundamental
Member interview: How one club boosted membership and enthusiasm
A replica iron lung teaches a new generation about polio
Convention: ATL on the go
Dispatches: Rotaract program helps students get a foothold on college
Culture: Life after kids
Sports: Why we cheer

January 2017

The Rotarian Conversation with Ban Ki-moon
What it's like to...
A taste of independence
Member spotlight: The power of the press
Member interview: Writer sheds light on FDR's right-hand woman
Convention: Southern hospitality
Beer fellowship taps resources for water projects
Culture: Life in the bike lane

December 2016

Water wars
The Rotarian Conversation with Annie Leonard
A few choice words
In case of emergency
Member spotlight: Building schools and understanding
Member interview: And now a word about sponsors
Convention: City of peace
This hero's superpower is kindness
Culture: Birth of a biopic
Technology: Tricks of the trade 

November 2016

Fighting for Flint
The good earth
Member Spotlight: Kindness of a stranger
Member interview: Fertile ground for peace
Convention: Old-school ATL
Dispatches: Sewing skills ease job woes in KwaZulu-Natal
Seven decades of service began in a dorm room
Culture: Grievance counseling

October 2016

Polio in Pakistan: Immunizing a population on the move
The Rotarian Conversation with CDC's Tom Frieden
Healing without borders
Our man in Berlin
Member Spotlight: Shamlu Dudeja empowers women through decorative arts
Member interview: John Warren on enlisting men to help end domestic violence
Convention: Musical mélange
Growing a future in Cape Town
Culture: Elect to be civil
Culture: Social niceties gone bad

September 2016

Southern comfort
The Rotarian Conversation with Henry Winkler
Member Spotlight: Zabit Aimal's mission is to make peace
Member interview: Chris Clemens, 'homeless Rotary club president'
Service: The motives behind motivation

August 2016

Reasons to love Rotary right now
Brand aid
Member Spotlight: Rod Buffington's patchwork of good deeds
Member Interview: Steven Goldsmith on mediation
Culture: Outsourcing our brains
Service: Into the woods for project ideas
The Rotarian Conversation with Nobel laureate Stefan Hell
Convention: Southern fare

July 2016

John Germ: Champion of Chattanooga
What you don't know about the campaign to end polio
Member Spotlight: The book on Brad Rubini
Member Interview: Susan Davis uses social entrepreneurship to fight poverty
Culture: Open to interpretation
Health: Survival of the Fitbittest
Cynthia Salim: Former Rotary Scholar makes clothing with a conscience
Convention: Car-free Atlanta

June 2016

Photo contest: How to frame a winning photo
Member interview: Deirdre Maloney on losing balance to find bliss
Member spotlight: Ben Thwaits is a natural healer
Convention: There's an app for that
Rotary fellowship aces first tennis championship held in U.S.
Family: The new parent trap
Altruism: Individual serving

May 2016

The Rotarian Conversation with The Edge and Garvin Evans
Crisis at the doorstep
What's next for Rotary?
What millennials love about Rotary
Member interview: David Fisher keeps the Ferris wheel turning
Member spotlight: Lachezar Tsotsorkov breaks the ice
Convention: Sustainability matters
Global grant project is growing tall in Korea
Culture: Consuming passions
Travel: Strange trips

April 2016

A wave of compassion
On board
Hiding out
Member interview: Retired fire captain helps colleagues fight cancer
Member spotlight: Stephen Mwanje promotes health for all in Uganda
Convention: Cultural insights
Blazing a trail to a national park in the Smokies
Clubs: The body politic
Culture: Dinner for one

March 2016

Best in a supporting role
Goodwill games
Q&A: John Germ is a man of commitment
Moved to action
Member interview: Creating a way out of homelessness
Member spotlight: Youth Exchange taught Joel Jackson responsibility
Convention: Seoul food
Q&A: Champion speaker answers some rhetorical questions
Sports: Baseball gives back
Rotarian Action Groups: Breaking the invisible chains of slavery

February 2016

'All I can do is tell their stories'
Q&A: In exile
Power up
A radical approach
Cultivating peace: Our peace fellows dig in to Rotary's areas of focus
Give peace fellows a chance to change the world: Recruitment tips (PDF)
Member interview: Giving and receiving through Rotary
Member spotlight: Silvina Munilla on children's health
Convention: Souvenir shopping
Keeping a lid on cancer in Sri Lanka
Work: Office interruptus
Philanthropy: Think before you give

January 2016

What it's like to survive the London Blitz
What it's like to go to jail for your beliefs... and forgive your captors
What it's like to tell your club your secret
Member interview: Michael Scannell on wheelchairs and word choice
Member spotlight: Kenton Lee's health project starts on the right foot
Convention: Seoul natural
Rochester club camps it up for kids with disabilities
Culture: Catch my meaning?
Sports: A winning goal

December 2015

An entrepreneur and a gentleman
Spin doctors
Great expectations
Member interview: Brenda Cressey on how to ask for money
Member spotlight: Doreen Hock-DiPolito builds confidence
Convention: Korean hospitality
Convention: Let Korean Rotarians show you their country
Culture: Off the cuff
Family: Wedded blitz

November 2015

Saying thanks
California's drought may not be your drought, but it will be soon enough
Polio: The Rotarian Conversation with Tunji Funsho
Member interview: Colombian club's support for hospital spans decades
Member spotlight: A shed of one's own
Convention: Seoul's artistic side
Indian hospital project is eye-opening
Culture: Is self-publishing wishful inking?
Clubs: Mentor new members

October 2015

Convention: Seoul searching
The Rotarian Conversation with Isabeli Fontana
Legacy of PolioPlus lives on in India
Why mentors matter
Convention: Korean spas
Member interview: Jim and Roberta Graham on heroism in Afghanistan
Member spotlight: Meet the newlyweds
Polio eradication campaign soars from new heights
Health: Considerations for travel
Sports: Family matters in baseball

September 2015

Heroin's comeback
Meet our polio partners
Polio: The Rotarian conversation with Aseefa Bhutto Zardari
Pakistan's progress: Snapshots from the polio campaign
Convention: Hear the music
Member spotlight: Peak performer scales Kilimanjaro
Member interview: Jay Cook helps young people through Rotary Youth Exchange
Technology: To please in a pod(cast)
Culture: The fun in dysfunction

August 2015

The lost girls of South Sudan and the Rotarian who found them
A conversation with Caryl Stern
San Diego students tackle vaccine controversy
What happens when what you know turns out to be wrong?
Member interview: How peace makes a Rotarian
Out of tragedy, some people create something good
Watch videos from the Share your Story project